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Have you recently decided that your home in Flagstaff needs a repair or roof replacement? Maybe you have know this and have put it off, telling yourself one day soon you will call and talk to a contractor? Well you have landed in the right spot as Vistas roofing offers every and all services related to replacing a roof in Flagstaff AZ. Vistas roofing has been in business for over 15 years and dedicated to providing expert and professional work done quickly and correctly. Schedule a visit with one of our roofing inspection experts.

When Does a Flagstaff AZ Roof Need Replacement?

After about 15 years home owners will start to notice wear and tear on their roof. After the Arizona monsoons or a heavy snowstorm hits you might find out that suddenly it needs to be replaced sooner. A weather damaged roof can lead to catastrophic problems with moisture invading the existing structure of your roof and ultimately weakening the structural integrity of your home.  Also, a worn out weathered roof can make your home look rather shabby and definitely decreases the value of your home if you are looking to sell it. Whatever the reason it is that you need to have your roof replaced Vistas Roofing can do the best job quickly and at an unbeatable price. Our experienced crew of skilled craftsmen know exactly what kind of roofing you Flagstaff home needs to with stand the harsh elements at this high elevation.


Obvious Signals That You Need Re-Roofing in Flagstaff

Still trying to decide if you need to replace your roof? If your roof is showing any characteristics in this list it is definitely time to tear it off and get a new one. Some of the most urgent and usual signs of needing a roof replacement include these:

  • Warped and curved
  • Exposed tar and loss of grit
  • Large or small cracks or tears in the edges of the shingle
  • Places were water drips from the ceiling during a rain storm or thawing of snow
  • Clumps of green or blue organic material growing in splotches on or around the shingles
  • Places where shingles are missing from tree limb or wind damage
  • Branches, twigs and pine needles lodged underneath the shingle and also a place for moss to take hold
  • Brittle or torn and weathered, exposed water proofing layers

Still not quite sure if your roof has reached the end? Give Vistas roofing a call today and we can tell you if you need to have your roof replaced or just need it repaired.




Why Chose Vistas Roofing for Flagstaff Roof Replacement

When you choose Vistas roofing you are choosing a company with a team of experts who have a combined experience of over 100 years! We have been providing Flagstaff residents with new roofs for over 15 years, including installations, repairs, and replacements. We are eager to fix your damaged roof or replace it with state of the art options available today at your command and can begin your project within a few days. With such an expensive and huge investment and replacing a roof can be, we consider it important that you are satisficed with our work 100% and leave us a great review on Google. Give us a call anytime including evenings and we will let you know what the best suggestions are for your situation. We are excited to remedy your situation so don’t hesitate and call us today!

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