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Hire Vistas Roofing of Flagstaff to perform your annual roof inspection and roof maintenance. Our experienced staff will point out areas of concern and inform you of damage prevention and maintenance tips that apply to your particular roofing system.


Roof maintenance is simply checking the vulnerable areas of your roof regularly and removing obvious build-up and debris. The areas to look for that first receive deterioration or damage are the eaves where ice tends to accumulate and the boots that support any pipes that protrude from your roof. Regularly removing snow build-up can protect your eaves, however this can be difficult and dangerous for the average homeowner. Ask the professionals at Vistas Roofing to perform this service for you at a reasonable cost.

When Vistas Roofing comes out for a roof maintenance inspection there are several thing we look at immediately. Here is a list of the most important things we look at when inspecting your roof:

  • We check the boots around the pipes sticking out of your roof for obvious cracks, compromise and leaks:¬†Cracked support boots holding the pipes coming out of the roof are the most common reason for leaks in your roof.¬† The extreme cold weather in Flagstaff is the direct cause for cracks in the rubber that these boots are made of lead to the most expensive damages. After they reach a certain age of deterioration they can crack during the next tough snow storm, leading to immediate and expensive damage in many cases.
  • It is important to remove build-up on natural debris that accumulates on your roof over time, including branches, twigs, pine needles and leaves: If these types of things are left on the roof they can potentially create pooling of melted water from the sunshine which then has the time to seep into the shingles and soak through the layers underneath, slowly breaking down the roof system while you are unaware. Additionally, clogged rain gutters and downspouts causes water to freeze and pull away from the siding of the house or frame of the roof, creating a situation where water damages the crawl space or basement.
  • Look for varmint or animal intrusion: Squirrels and birds love to hide and make a nests in your attic. They can cause substantial leaks by chewing on the walls and electrical conduits as well as leaving behind hazardous, decomposing waste. These are some of the secondary places to look for preventative maintenance.
  • Make sure your vent and exhaust fans are working properly and are not clogged, but are freely moving: If your attic is not properly vented it will cause humidity and water condensation which can cause the adhesives in your roofing system to deteriorate quickly, leading to a major leak during the next hard rain or snow storm.



Regular roof maintenance will ensure that you roof lasts a long time and that you get the most value out of your investment. Roofs are expensive to replace and prevention of potential issues also protect the valuable contents within your home or structure.

You will save time and money if problems are caught before they get out of control. The extreme weather conditions of Flagstaff requires residents to take extra precaution to maintain the integrity of their roofing systems. This is why we recommend an annual roof inspection as a minimum maintenance requirement because of the extreme weather conditions that home owners face in Flagstaff.

Schedule a visit with one of our roofing inspection experts. Give us a call for immediate assistance, or send us a message in our contact form and we’ll reach back out to you within 24 hours.