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Not many people spend a whole lot of time wondering about their home’s roof and it’s not the first thing we think of when choosing the design and features of a new home. Usually, the only time our roof gets our attention is when it is time for the shingles to be replaced or they are damaged or leaking.

While the main purpose of your roof is to protect your home and its belongings from rain and snow and other damaging elements, your roof also has a major impact on curb appeal and can bring together the overall aesthetics of your home style.

Now days there there are almost an unlimited amount of materials to cover your roof, and which one you choose is dependent upon your style and budget. excellent for re roofing and new construction of an existing home.

Several factors will determine the type of roof you choose, which will include the budget, personal style and its architectural design. Flagstaff residents also have a different type of roofing material that works best for our area if you compare it to a home in phoenix. For example, clay tile roofs are popular in Phoenix, but not very common in the Coconino County because of the heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures.

We provide metal roofing for commercial and residential as well as shingles for most of our customers. If you’re building a new home and would like an free estimate from Vistas Roofing, call now for immediate scheduling or send us a message in our contact form and we’ll reach back out to you within 24 hours.



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