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As the best Flagstaff shingle roofer, Vistas Roofing Company installs only the most durable asphalt shingles available. Our roofing installations are built to withstand Flagstaff's heavy snowfall and volatile temperature shifts for many years to come.

 Vistas Roofing is a family-owned company, focused on building customer relationships for the long-term.  We not only work and live in Flagstaff, but we also grew up here, and so we understand the climate and culture. We especially understand the tendencies and trends for shingle roofing systems built in our area, an area where harsh wintery conditions prevail.

Our customers tell us they receive honest estimates and professional installations. Let us give you a quote for your commercial or residential building today. We do small jobs too – learn more about our roof repair services.


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Are Asphalt Shingles The Best Choice For Your Roofing Project In Flagstaff?


Ask us about which shingles would work best for your style and budget. Most asphalt shingles are made to stand up to Flagstaff's harsh weather elements including wind, rain, snow and ice.

Asphalt shingles are also ideal for installing on sloped roofing systems. A sloped roof is necessary in Flagstaff so that snow doesn't pile up and create damage, especially to your eaves from ice damming.

Ice damming can occur on roofing systems in Flagstaff because our temperatures fluctuate dramatically between the extremes of cold at night and hot during the day. And where there is not enough slope in your roofing system, then melting water from the heat of the sun quickly freezes as it works its way down to the colder parts of your roof.

We recommend manual removal of snow build-up on your roof if you are having ice damming or roof leaking issues. This is hard work and is only a temporary fix. Call us for a free roof inspection and estimate on how create a more long-term solution. 



ROOFING FAQ: 8 Common Roofing Questions many people ask.

Detecting if your roofing system has issues is difficult for homeowners because most issues are difficult to see or predict. We recommend an annual roof inspection (a minimum of every 2 years). If you suspect that your roof has hidden issues, give us a call for a free roof inspection. Our experts will know what to look for and be able to advise you of your options for maintenance or repair.
You can either do a full roof replacement OR choose to re-cover of the existing roofing system. A complete roof replacement starts with a “tear-off” of your current system and starting from scratch. The cost depends upon the type of shingle, style and warranty/durability you decide to use. Talk to one of our roofing professionals to get advice on what the best options are for your needs and budget. Your second option, to re-cover your roofing system, is less time and cost consuming because the "tear-off" preparation is eliminated. However, you may need to check in with Flagstaff's Building Safety protocols to see if you qualify because in some situations multiple re-roofing is not allowed.
A leaking roof is a serious issue because it can cause irreparable damage to your household items. The sooner you address any leaks, the less damage and cost you will incur. Most leaks do not require total roof replacement, but can be repaired. The amount of work needed depends on how much damage your leak has already caused. It is important to inspect your roof yourself a few times a year to look for any obvious compromises to your roofing system. We also highly recommend that you schedule a visit by one of our professionals at Vistas Roofing to inspect your roof at least once a year. We'll look for any hidden issues and recommend preventative maintenance measures.
That depends how agile and handy your are. If you are not experienced with construction, taking on a roof repair can be dangerous and difficult. Having a solid roofing system is vital to the health and value of your home or building and the contents within it. Repairs can be easily botched and create further damage and so we recommend hiring a local professional to inspect your issues and recommend your best options.
The life expectancy of the average asphalt shingle roofing system is 20 - 30 years. The life span of a roofing system depends upon a number of factors such as the design of your roof in relationship to the overall structure, the quality of materials used, the professionalism of your installation, the regularity of maintenance performed, and the amount of snow and precipitation your roof has received over the years. Check the lifespan-guarantee of your shingles before choosing which brand and style for your home. Less expensive shingles are guaranteed for 10 years of use whereas more costly shingles can be guaranteed for up to 50 years. Typically, clay tile, slate and metal roofing systems last longer than asphalt shingle roofs.
First consider whether you need a total roof replacement or just a re-cover. The former is more thorough of a preparation and guarantees a longer lasting roof, however, re-covering your roof is less expensive. If you are trying to save on cost, re-covering may be the right option depending on the condition of your structure. Ask on of our roofing professionals if your situation qualifies for a re-cover rather than a total tear-off and re-roof. Secondly, you want to consider what materials you'd like to use. Roofing systems have a wide range of color and texture, durability and cost. Asphalt shingles are the least expensive and most common roofing installation, while slate tiles are the most expensive and less common. Finally, you’ll need to consider the style and dimensions of your home or structure. The steeper the angles, valleys and tricky spots that exist within your roofing system, the higher your labor costs will be.
The cost of a new asphalt shingle roofing system depends upon the size and style of your structure, the quality of materials you choose and their current market costs, and the price your roofing contractor. The average cost for a new shingle roofing system is about $6,500.
Roof leaks can happen and it is not unheard of even with a new roof installation. Call your roofing contractor and explain what you are experiencing as any true professional will come back immediately to remedy the issue and so preserve their reputation.

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